Wife Alert

Wife Caution

Have you ever made the big mistake of calling your wife fat?
I mean, not directly fat but even something like "let's go exercising."
Not direct but it is just like saying you are fat.
My wife doesn't get mad that often but one time I said something indirect and she took it very hard.
Yup, sofa for me. I did kind of like sleeping on the sofa while watching TV. But the cold shoulder from her was killer. Luckily she doesn't hold a grudge, it only lasted one week. (Just kidding, one night only.)

But here is a sign for you dummies like me.
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Identity Theft

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Dirty Diapers

Diaper Caution

I am very lucky to be married and blessed with a son.
He is a little over a year old.
Being the cutest thing in this world, there are some things that I have to deal with.

Dirty Diapers!
When he only drank breast milk, the smell wasn't that bad.
He would go about 5 times a day during that time.

Now that he is only eating meals just like us, OH man!!
The smell is killers. Luckily he only goes about once or twice a day now.
The smell totally caught me off guard.

So just to let you new papas know, it gets worse by the days!
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Where's Waldo

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