Okay, how many of you got chills just now looking at the photo?

At times, we do get one or two roaches crawling around in our house.
And guess who gets to squash them?? For some reason it is never my wife.
I guess it is one of those husband gotta do it kinda thing.
I admit that it is pretty gross and one of the worst chores that I have.

Actually I would rather clean the bathroom then to kill one of those roaches.
But I do it since my wife doesn't want to.

One time when we had a get together, a roach decided to join us also. Now I wasn't the only guy at the party, but nobody wanted to kill it. It actually flew across the room where the guys were lounging. You should have heard of these manly-man scream their heads out. And guess what, my wife killed the roach right after that. Hmmm...


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