Jesus Christ!

Jesus Who?

Disclaimer: Before anyone starts flaming me for this, just to let you know, I don't have a grudge against Christians or any other religion.

Did you ever had a experience where some religious dude comes up to you and asks you, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ?"
And when you answer, "no" politely the first thing they tell you is, "You will go to hell."
Then they try to convert you. I just ignore them and go along my way.

I wonder how many people actually converted to Christianity from these kinds of confrontation?
Anyway, I made a caution sign for people who are afraid of these religious freaks.


Anonymous said...

then you will realize that there is hell when you die and you need jesus to save you.

Anonymous said...

besides one of the gratest gift of God is giving us the freedom to decide and you have the right to choose your own if you dont need jesus then i dont think you will be saved!

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